Ara Mara Koukounara


Latsia Municipal Theater
57 Yiannos Kranidiotis Ave, 2235, Latsia


The witch Krisara has spread crisis all around the world . She wants to see miserable and unhappy people everywhere and she almost succeeds . Only one little boy resists , Marcus , who along with his friend , Anna , decided that they should do something to help adults to regain their smile . So with the help of his grandmother, they begin to change the world, with weapons their innocence and love. They create the bank of love, in which people can deposit good feelings and the bank gives them back tax in the form of hugs , kisses and lots of love . So love is growing and spreading everywhere . The witch Krisara is having a “panic attack “and sends her comedian assistant to kidnap Marcus’ grandmother , with the purpose to trap Marcus . A great adventure begins for children. Will they be able to defeat the powerful witch Krisara ? Children in the audience help their straggle by participating in the adventure .

Text – Director: GiorgosTsiakkas
Music: Giorgos Theofanous
Choreography: Antigone Tasouri
Sets: Elena Katsouri
Costumes: Miranda Theodoridou
Lighting Design : George Lazoglou
Assistant Director : Christina Constantinou
Teaching Song : Eleanora Roussou
Assistant Choreographer : Chris Maos

Witch Krisara: Elena Hadjiafxendi

Zoe Kyprianou , Thanasis Drakopoulos , Elena Chatziafxenti , Christos Nikolaou, Christiana Larcou , George A. Tsiakkas , Christina Constantinou , Andrew Aggelidou . Dancers : Zoe Aristeidou , Elena Clark, Chris Maos , Antonis Antoniou , Teresa Koshi , Lefteris Kaimakliotis , Marianna Dimatsa .