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Vintage Music Stories

This is a project that exploring the world vintage music of the 1920s and 1960s to interpret this transnational genre for a new audience and bring to life forgotten melodies and songs mixed together in narratives on different subjects such as beauty, nostalgia, war, love, longing.  With contemporary remakes of classic songs  by Danae Stratigopoulou, Edith Piaf,  Sofia Vembo, Tereza Stradas, this project offers homage to European tango, bolero, waltz, Foxtrot, and rumba as well as to the lesser known Greek «jazz» of the inter-war period.

Music from different cultures such as Greek, Spanish, English, Italian, Polish, French, German, Portuguese. Russian

This is a project that Elena is working for many years now and she creates performances where the real stories of the songs and their composers together with the theatrical story each composition create a series of stories performed in an interesting way with sounds and movements and expressions

`In this project, she works with

Michalis Iskas on Violin and Viola and Andreas Papapetrou on Accordion and piano.

Michael Iskas is a Greek Classical, Mediterranean and Balkan Violinist & Violist performer. Michalis has performed in many European countries as a member of various orchestras and ensembles as well as a soloist.. He is currently pursuing his Master’s degree on Viola Performance at Royal Academy of Music.

Andreas Papapetrou is a composer, performer and music teacher. He holds a PhD in Music Composition and is a classically trained pianist and accordionist. His compositional output includes works for various ensembles in different genres, ranging from solo to full symphonic orchestra works, as well as works of electro-acoustic and electronic music, and works for theatre, film and dance.