Interdisciplinary approaches: Drama Informed- singing

Elena is exploring  poetry, storytelling and devised theatre, working with different artists, poets and on different subjects, mixing languages and cultures as materials for building performances. The power of the words, together with music, create an unlimited space to work and discover how the sound of instruments, noise, alternative sounds, actions, the poetic use of the body movement, voice, singing from classical to traditional origins and the body, create a new interdisciplinary approach to communicating with the audience in different places, and drawing on different topics.

That was one of the many reasons she moved to London, where this mixture of senses, architecture, people, languages, music and artists provide her with the opportunity to explore how people can meet and communicate beyond the words and beyond the understanding of the logically expected way of things.

Research Center of Expression

Was found and established in UK by Elena Hadjiafxendi and Maria Yerosimou, a harpist, and interdisciplinary performer. With the aim of exploring expression in performing, through interdisciplinary practice research.